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Upper Natone Forest Reserve

With about 40 per cent of Tasmania designated as world heritage area, national parks and reserves, Tasmania is brimming with accessible wilderness experiences.

But you don’t have to travel far for a wildlife encounter in Burnie. A penguin colony has managed to hang onto its home at the end of a city beach and local guides protect and present the Little Penguins (Fairy Penguins or Eudyptula minor) to visitors with free guided tours in the summer.

2k from Burnie’s central business district is a much loved nature reserve. Fernglade has a reputation for being one of the most reliable places for observing platypus in the wild in Tasmania. An 800 metre interpretative trail has been developed along the river bank in an easy walk that may see you successfully platypus spotting.

Keep an eye on Bass Strait as you travel along Tasmania’s north west coast from October to December for occasional whale sightings on their journey south. Expect spring showers from the east, occasional wild seas and tulip fields on the headlands.

Free Little Penguin guided tours in the summer