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Little Penguin Observation Centre

The Little Penguin Observation Centre was constructed at Parsonage Point on the western end of West Beach, but not before hundreds of penguin igloo apartments were hand made and cleverly located by local volunteers. Their latest project involves rebuilding native sea bird habitat further west.

Around dusk, from September to March, little penguins noisily waddle ashore to nest in their burrows, and every evening during the season Friends of Burnie Penguins offer free interpretative tours for visitors.

It may not have seemed possible once, but Burnie has cleaned up its act when it comes to our burrowing neighbours, with the help of a clear vision and thousands of volunteer hours.

The Little Penguin Observation Centre is located on the western end of West Beach linked to the city via a beach boardwalk.


From September to March the Friends of Burnie Penguins offer free Penguin Interpretation Tours. Go to the Little Penguin Observation Centre around sunset.

T: 0437 436 803


(Fairy Penguins or Eudyptula minor)

  • These flightless seabirds are the smallest of all penguins.
  • They are found along the southern Australian coastline and breed in colonies.
  • They are perfectly adapted to life at sea and can easily dive to 30 metres.
  • They live on small school fish, krill and squid.
  • They usually return to their burrows within an hour of darkness and flock ashore because there is safety in numbers.
  • See them in Burnie from November to April.